How to naturally Whiten your Teeth

A white smile. It’s something that we all covet. We can always have whiter teeth, and while it might not be pearl white, it can still definitely help immensely if you’re smart with hat to do.

Unfortunately, a lot of ads claim that they can whiten teeth, when that isn’t the case. False advertising on this subject seems to be a hot button, but there are a few ways for you to naturally help with whitening your teeth. You can see your Eugene dentist for more information, but this article will discuss a few ways to help whiten your teeth.

The first thing to do, is to replace sodas with water. First of all, they’re empty calories, but they are also staining your teeth. You could totally drink water in its stead, carrying a water bottle that is replaceable. You will also notice that you’ll lose weight as well in the process.

Also, try to brush after eating the stain-causing foods that you might like. We all have our vices, such as tea and coffee, and if you eat or drink something with a lot of acidity, you’ll want to brush afterwards, for it will help with staining along with decay as well.

You should also make sure that you brush and floss every single day. You should brush twice a day, and then floss once a day. Doing this simple action can help with improving your overall oral health, and it does improve the general aesthetic of your mouth, and your teeth whiteness as well.

Another area that you should consider brushing however, is your tongue. It’s actually just as simple as brushing your teeth, and you can even get a tongue scraper to do this. It will help to prevent bad breath, and not only that, the staining will also be lessened if you do this.

If you haven’t, definitely consider going to the dentist. You should go at least every six months if you’re an adult. A lot can happen to your oral health during that time, so if you put it off, you’ll be more at risk. If you can detect any underlying issues, along with discoloration, early, you’ll definitely feel a lot better about this as well. If you do this every six months, it’ll help to expertly clean your teeth and keep them nice and white.

Finally, you should also consider other options. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the best options out there, and if you want to reverse the overall color of your teeth, this is definitely a great option. There are many places to check out, and you can consult your Eugene dentist for a great place to get some cosmetic dentistry. There are lots of whitening options and products available, from various take home kits, to even professional whitening that you can get during your cleanings. Professional whitening is much more effective than what you get over the counter, so you’re getting a safer, faster, and a better result, with less side effects too.

If you want, you can get some over-the-counter home teeth whitening products too. Teeth whitening does involve various chemicals that can hurt our teeth if you use it improperly. There are a few types, but they aren’t as predictable, and it could potentially hurt the enamel on the teeth. You can consult your dentist about this if you want to do something at home, and if you do get a recommendation, follow it. Don’t leave it in for longer than suggested, for it can actually damage your teeth and create tooth sensitivity. It definitely is important.

There are ways to naturally whiten your teeth, and if you do these, making sure that you keep in mind just what you’re eating, you’ll feel so much better have such a great result from this, and in general, you’ll feel happy as well. It definitely can help you if you do this, and often, it’s a great way to help with improving your overall life. A healthy smile does help imbue confidence in many, so if you’re looking to improve it, then consider teeth whitening as an option to help you out with your teeth.


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